The H&M Beauty Blender Impressions

h&m beauty blender makeup

Can´t think of anything better to say than this little egg thing is preached by beauty bloggers and therefore, by me too.. 

This makes me an official basic beauty blogger. Proud owner of a beauty blender (even if it is a copycat from H&M) that yes, has made my days brighter and my makeup application smoother. It takes me by surprise it is not stiff, nor heavy -it is a sponge, what was I even thinking, though? When soaked it becomes a little bigger and fluffier, and makeup blends flawlessly on my bare skin. Works so, so good for people who wear lenses -like me- and struggle with dirty contacts with no exception. The cleaning of the sponge is effortless, I do it with a bit of soap and rub it until water comes clear. Still, no stains on board. Reason upon reason to assign it a privileged space in my makeup bag, where is always on reach for quick touch ups.


What do you use to apply your foundation?

14 thoughts on “The H&M Beauty Blender Impressions

  1. Elena says:

    the original beauty blender is the best thing i have ever bought. nothing compares to it but i’m very interested in this one.

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