The January Edit

the body shop h&m bullet journal favourites

So, new year, new features on the blog. Introducing you, ladies and gents, the montly edits. A post that will go up every month that will round up thirty days in favourites, thoughts and ramdom bla bla bla´s..

This month has been the month of falling back for old favourites. I have been loving my The Body Shop fresh nude foundation, that although it is currently a bit light for me, has a lovely natural finish. To apply this foundation I have been using my new H&M beauty blender and must say I cherish this little thing more than any other brush I´ve ever met -I will write a post with all the deets soon.

I am aware we are still on winter but that does not mean I can´t have a subtle beach babe tan going on. And as I mentioned previously, my foundation is coming somewhat lighter so I have to level out my Wednesday Adams look, no offense Wedn. Going back for the NYC bronzer was the best decision ever, and everytime I have this on my face I get compliments about how good I look.

On another note, besides adding a new category into Carlotarules, you may have also noticed my posting schedule has changed a little bit. With my days being endless, it is better for me to post in the evening rather than in the mornings, as I used to do only a few months ago. On top of that, I can see my stats have increased since I do that. So let´s make this official: posts will go up every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday around 8 pm (more or less).


What are your favourites this month?

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