Beauty Trend: Double Cleansing

beauty trend double cleansing rituals khiels la roche posay

Minimalism comes to me in waves, for example, I have been looking for little and simple tattos to much with my sister dismissing previous ideas that involved bigger -but no better-  doodles. Same for skincare, I´ve been through periods where I used hundreds of products to periods where I stuck to cleanser and moisturizer..

I think however, I have always doubled cleansed since I can remember. What on earth is double cleansing, you may be wondering? It sounds exactly what it is: to cleanse your skin twice. First, you use an oily-balmy cleanser, to finish with a foamy wash. Simple. It´s weird because I started doing this after my makeup remover/cleanser turnt out to be to greasy for my liking. Could I have been the double cleansing pioneer and not realize? Maybe. But japanesse women have been doing this for centuries and they deserve the credit.

I´ve been digging my Rituals Sensational Soft Cleanser lately, but previously enjoyed the Una Brennan Vitamin C oil. Also, coconut oil is great for it. For the second cleanse I don´t have a favourite yet, but I have been using my Kiehl´s Calendula Deep Cleanser. And despite looking like a lot of work is actually is pretty easy, and really only do this when I´m wearing makeup and want to give my skin a clean feeling. But if you want to take off your day, nothing works as good. Only sparkling wine, if anthing.


Do you double cleanse?


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