My New Haircare Routine

klorane haircare routine natural healthy

Christmas presents stretch to no limits. It´s February 2nd and I´m still talking about them, is it because I wish it was Christmas again to stuff my face with food? Maybe. More over, I´d like to be on holidays and press reset.. 

I was expecting some Klorane goodies from my mum for my birthday, I had already dropped some hints about these products I wanted to try. As soon as I started using my new Klorane Volume Shampoo and Volumizing Spray I liked them so, nothing usual because I am very picky when it comes to shampoos and styling products. I´m thinking of doing a different post to talk about them separately and give them the love they deserve, but I couldn´t resist to tell you about them.


Have you tried the Klorane volumizing line?

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