A Year In Review || Carlotarules

malta summer sea

There´s no need for decorations on 2016, the year speaks for itself. It was raw, there were tears but all in all it was great. My description of 2016 may sound like the most cliché sentence ever, albeit I might be a walking cliché anyways and it is my right to call it great..

Top Five Higlights

  • Travelling to Florence to see Paula after three months apart was amazing.
  • Summer 2016 with my friends was everything and  left me in need of more.
  • Christmas at home. Last year I was working in Malta and had two weeks free before heading back, it´s been great to spend the holidays here knowing I didn´t have to pack right after.
  • I got my first job! I started working in May and I´m still on it, thinking of new projects and maybe a swing in my career direction. We´ll see what 2017 has to offer.
  • Madrid with Paula. We kind of want to make it a tradition to spend a few days every year in winter there, and this was our second time together.

2016 In Numbers

  • I spent 160 days abroad
  • I wrote 158 posts! And there are many more to come..
  • 2.089 of you visited Carlotarules and I am so grateful for it. I want to make better things on the blog this year and this only pushes me to go further!

Little Personal Things

  • I discovered I have a beast inside and it was about time I let it go.
  • I met one of my main goals from the year which was keeping up with work and the blog.
  • My friends are the best. For the past months we weaved a close bond and I´m just grateful to have them by my side.
  • Paula and I have become more adventurous and moving, we have visited museums, gone to little concerts and enjoy good restaurants. Can´t wait for more this year.
  • I had a room makeover, which made me incredibly happy. I never had a room for myself, so having my own place at home feels so good.

This post was hard to write, is never easy to review a year considering I can´t even remember what I have for lunch today (was it pasta?). Anyways, knowing full well that it may be a bit late, I hope you have an amazing 2017!


What were you 2016 highlights?




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