The Weekender #32: Bye January.

madrid holidays

I feel like I don´t feel. I´ve been numb through this month, deep into my daily routine I´m already getting sick of..

Get up, get ready, study then work. Five days a week, leave the house at 8 o´clock and don´t be back until 8:30 pm in the evening. This is adulthood, my friends. I don´t know, I just have this plan in my head that only by doing this hectic cycle for the next six months is going to help me achieve my goals in life -or at least for my near future life. I must continue until I die -or at least I must resist until summer arrives.

I have not done much since I came back from Madrid, I got sick right when I was coming back in the bus (do not recommend having a temperature on a bus ride) and have been on rest mode for the last two weeks. Most interesting thing these days: yesterday we went to the cinema and watched Split, such a good film! I have been thinking about it since I left the cinema, rambling about different theories about what would it be like to live with 23 personalities, can you imagine being so many persons in one? Human brains can be so amazing.


What have you been doing lately?

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