Zara Home Sales Haul

zara home sales haul candle fig

The bedroom makeover crusade is still going on. The thing has been in standby for several weeks, after I got my new desk I kind of feel in love with it and forgot everything else..

Now I don´t really spend as much time as I´d like in my room, in fact I´m only home at night –work-sleep-repeat. That sucks because I want to make the most of my place, but at the same time I am not there long enough to enjoy it, so you see my dilemma. Last weekend I went sales shopping (absolute fail) and ended up in Zara Home dragged by my mom –biggest ZH fan out there. I wasn´t really feeling it, but them I saw these doorknobs and couldn´t resist. They were 1 euro each, total bargain. And you know how candle obsessed I am, so I also picked up the small sicilian fig candle which was half price! Then I got home and realized I needed six doorknobs instead of four, it was a bit of a bittersweet day.


Have you bought anything on sales?

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