Empties #4

empties beauty hm dove yvesrocher kylie jenner

I always sit on my desk looking dazed at my computer, not realizing I tend to keep tons of useless things hanging on my chair. It´s a good thing though, because I get to find things I thought were lost.. 

And because I apparently enjoy having a messy place –my inner insurgent agrees with this– I totally forgot about these beauties I had saved for this post. I finished my Yves Rocher Hydrating Toner after running out of my usual micellar waterI liked it, I´m a huge toner believer and cannot live without one, and this one makes the cut as a great budget option. I already wrote about the Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray  and how I wasn´t really sure about the volume it was suppossed to give to my locks, I prefer other options -dry shampoo´s are my favourite for that. My hands are always dry and handcream is a must in my purse. This Rose Reviere hand cream from H&M was a lovely choice, left my hands pretty moisturized and smelled gorgeous.

Aren´t we, beauty bloggers weird, that a simple bag of trash makes us happy? Tell me your thoughts on this.


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