Current Skincare Routine

lush skincare sephora kiehls estee lauder serum

You might have seen my tweets complaining about my face lately -think of every important thing you are missing if you don´t follow me on twitter though- it´s starting to look like a serious problem my complexion looks closer to a dry potato than anything else ..

But I thought I was a free soul greater than winter, standing above freezing temperatures, unbeatable. Guess I´m not.  The cold, the flu or the party, you name it. My face has just decided to give up, covered in dry patches and feeling rough to touch. Oh, baby-skin, where are thus? I shall bring you alive with a new routine including my  best weapons, a.k.a a little bit of Lush Bûche the Nöel cleanser, followed by some Kielh´s Ultra Facial toner. Bringing back the glow with the Lush Brazened Honey mask and recovering with some Esteè Lauder Night Recovery serum. Final step: set with Sephora Hyaluronique Booster cream.

If this does not work, I do not know what else to do but to beg for pardon and cry on my kness. Oh summer, how I´m missing you.. 


What are you winter beauty musts?


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