My New Bimba & Lola Bag

bimba y lola bolso bag fashion vogue

Sometimes you just have to be grateful for things in life, such as having a friend living in Madrid who also happens to live in the flat with best natural light I´ve ever seen. Maybe simply a good thing for the rest of mortals, but important as f*ck for bloggers like moi who crave  the perfect exposure..

I literally spent the whole three days taking photos of everything around that place, and couldn´t miss snapping a few on my new favourite bby, the Bimba & Lola bag. I have been chasing one for years, and couldn´t make up my mind becuase the price was too high to even think about it. However, if you ever want to buy something from Bimba & Lola it´s best you wait for sales because their prices go reaaally low –just like myself when I party he!

Imagine: this bag was 89 euros and I bought it for 49, a bargain! It´s by far the most I have ever wasted in a bag, but I consider it an staple I will keep forever and someday pass it to my children (I´m in fact doing it for them, what do you think).

Have you heard about Bimba & Lola?


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