Cruelty Free Skincare: A Lush Haul

lush haul vegan skincare cruelty free

Take natural ingredients, pour them in a nice packaging and keep them in the fridge, that´s what I call slow beauty. Everything raw, without the nasty stuff that even make you doubt what could be wrong if you just had one bite..

But please don´t do that, unless you unknowingly spread some Lush Brazened Honey face mask on your toast by mistake. It works best on the face though, where you can feel all the good things about the ginger, cardamom or turmeric, its main ingredients.

The background of this haul is, I bought everything in last year´s trip to Madrid, main reason why you won´t be able to find (at least online) my favourite choice between them all which is the face cleanser Bûche de Noël, so so good for dry winter skin. And I must´ve gone very crazy that day because I even bought the Rub Rub Rub body scrub -my skincare routine starts and finishes on face and neck- which I later discovered it could also be used on the hair, yay for multipurpose products!

On another note, I am trying really hard to go cruelty free, this is just a small step into it. 

Have you tried any Lush products?

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