Madrid Snapshots


Last friday I picked up my bags on route to Madrid, making the city the first trip of the year. I´m always happy to go there, and this time I stayed there with a few friends -you can imagine the level of excitement..

There were laughs and it was crazy, maybe one of the best weekends of the last years -I´m getting chessy and I don´t mind. We went to the Madrid amusement park and instead of being afraid of dying I almost died from laughter. Sunday and Monday were spent wandering Malasaña streets, being the life of the party and actively seeking for the best patatas bravas in town -didn´t find them, any recomendations for next time?





I forgot to tell you I wasted some quality time with my friends instasnapping the sh*t out of the weekend, like the good blogger I am -ha! Reason #1 why you should follow me on insta.. or at least feel free to stalk me from time to time.


Have you ever being to Madrid?


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