Best Of Beauty 2016

best beauty products 2016 rituals coconut oil estee lauder

Looking back at old posts on here I realize I have talked non stop about six items like nothing else really mattered. I guess there is a point on that, because as long as your skin looks healthy, your hair feels soft, your skin smells dreamy and you have a red lip on, there´s nothing that can get in the way..

I have raved about this Rituals of Shakura shower gel so much I made my brother buy one for my birthday –this stuff isn´t cheap but it´s so worthy. On my face there have been two products that have worked amazingly together, coconut oil and the Esteè Lauder serum. So much respect for these two, seriously. I know the serum can be on the expensive side, but the stuff really works. Coconut oil is a masterpiece itself, and even sometimes I skip the serum and go straight for it, lathering a thick amount of it on my face –I never had any bad acne related experience with it, my skin feels and looks amazing every time I use it. The Sephora Multitasker complexion brush has been a good discovery as well, I love its size, so cute. I´ve been really into bright red lips last year, I have a feeling this tendency will continue in 2017. My favourite has been the H&M Lip Velvet Lip Cream, loved the formula –every time I was wearing it I had a compliment. My hair, the great dilemma of my life. I was really fed up of my tangle teezer and went all natural with a The Body Shop bamboo brush –life changer, fan for life.

What are you favourite 2016 products?



3 thoughts on “Best Of Beauty 2016

  1. charandtheweb says:

    Rituals is such a great store. I love some of the products they have, they smell absolutely lovely. If I’m not mistaken I once has their Sakura scrub (but I could be wrong here) and it was great. I think my favorite beauty products of 2016 were Herbalism, Coalface and Tea Tree Toner from Lush. I really discovered the brand last year and I haven’t changed since. They have such great stuff. Lovely blog by the way.

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