What I Got For Christmas

what i got for christmas

Happy New Year everyone! I really want to get past that “can you believe we are in 2017 already” but I can´t because can you believe it!?!

Many things happened this year and even New Years Eve was seasoned with a little bit of drama here and there but I can´t help but feel lucky for 2016 and all the things that it brought me. I kind of want to self assess my year, and will probably drop a full chatty post about it over these days.

what I got for christmas rituals h&m knit

I got so many things this Christmas. Beauty was definitely the theme of the day but it all made sense. Now that I work, I have my own money so it´s difficult to get me something because I can fulfil any cravings of mine —#projectindependentwoman. However, my family knows me well. I got a mani spa treatment from my sister –hence the hand in the pic- which was amazing. Also, I got some Rituals Sensational Soft Cleanser, the eye make up remover and my favourite Rituals of Shakura shower gel. Paula heard me rambling about a konjac sponge months ago and also got me one –how thoughtful is she. The new H&M eye brush and beauty blender was also her idea.  Mum knows I love knits and gave me this one from Trucco, incredibly cozy. Last, my brother got me Emma Gannon´s How I Grew Up Online book, excited to dive into it.

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