Blogmas Day #21: Christmas Hair Saviours

vogue kerastase lóreal bumble and bumble argan oil hair

 I know the only important thing during Christmas is food and we all know that –honestly, I am so much looking forward it I can´t even CONTAIN MY EXCITMENT. But apparently wearing your hair due a good wash wrapped up in a bun is not “a good look”..

My family knows me too well to judge me only for my greasy hair –which I usually have because I hate washing my hair- but I feel like I should at least be presentable for the sake of the night. I am still using my Kerastase Bain Densite shampoo, I really believe this has improved the quality of my locks so much. Styling wise, I would use the L´oreal Super Sleek Spray, to keep the frizz away and a lil´bit of Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray for that bounce. To keep it all shinny like Christmas lights, I take a drop of some argan oil.I migh as well forget about all that and just attempt a messy bun, note the cute one, just your average bird nest kinda bun.


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