Blogmas Day #19: “Eat Your Greens” Salad Recipe

winter salad chirstmas vegan

Who knew you could eat salads in winter. Usually the cold makes me wanna curl up bed with a huge mug of soup and stay there all day, but there are those times when I crave the greens..

And this is cool, because I get to eat my salad and be healthy at the same time –win win.  I´m a crazy salad enthusiast anyways, and you need to know this (I will eat salad forever until my body turns into a beautiful iceberg lettuce). I love all kind of lettuce (except rocket salad) and my usual mindset is to eat as much of it until I can´t no more and go try another kind –I will seriously turn green. Lately I´ve been loving corn lettuce hence this recipe. I tend to cook listening to what I want, which lead me to gathering some apple*, nuts and tuna, all dressed with balsamic vinegar.

 *if you are sceptical about apple in a salad, try it, I even converted my mom who is not friends with nouvelle cuisine. Thank me later.


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