Blogmas Day #18: Two Weeks Update

dear santa christmas letter gifts winter

So, it´s me again. I feel like I´ve been saying this too much, being back and forth with the blog and missing all of my schedules (that weren´t actually planned but just a thought that I should really start writing)..

Thing is, I have finally started my marketing studies, which I am so happy about. During the last months I started looking for masters or courses that fit what I wanted, but everything was just too expensive or in other city. I was a feeling a bit under the weather because of it, anxious about not moving forward with my life/career. I know I´m sometimes hard on myself, but I have future plans, and everything is perfectly arranged in my head. Coming back to school and being in class again is weird but good, meeting new people and realizing I haven´t been really wasting my time during my intern years is relieving.  I have just started with it and I know it will be hard –I´m also working half time and I won´t have any time to do anything during the week- but this is what working for your dreams feels like. Work hard, play harder.

Said so, I will try to finish what´s left of #blogmas this week, and chances are I will be coming back for the New Year. I will be buying a new notebook to set my mind into it, that´s how committed I am girls. See you in tomorrow´s post! xx


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