Blogmas Day #7: Easiest Nutella Cookies

nutella cookies chocolate tasty food

Me in the kitchen again to show you that anything is possible. Can´t tell if this is just begginers luck or that I´m really improving my skills but it´s a fact I finally made a batch of edible cookies -at last.. 

Honestly I find it impossible to decide why it all went well because for a start we didn´t even have a recipe (when I say we I mean me and partner in crime Paulablogs). We like a bit of challenge and measuring things is not our thing anyways, we could say we like it risky. Take a look at the easiest nutella stuffed cookies recipe:

200 gr. flour – 100 gr. nutella – 1 egg – nuts, chocolate chips (optional)

Start pouring the flour, the egg and the nutella in the same bowl and mix. When the mix is ready (soft but consistent enough) start doing little dough balls. Flatten each one and pour a spoonful of nutella, then wrap like a little pocket. Oven 200º for 8-10 minutes. Eat as desire.

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