Blogmas Day #5: Christmas Ideas For The Artists

art water colour canson micron van gogh painting

I once painted two art pieces and that´s basically the shortcut of me and art. My mom hung them through the house like a true tiger mum would do, maybe in hopes her daughter would be the next Piccasso..

This didn´t last long and my love for white canvases pretty much faded. But you know how there´s always that artsy member on every family, the one with the bohemian look and paint stains in their hands: meet my sister Paula. She is a self-made illustrator and water colour lover, found guilty for making me embarrased at my poor drawing skills -a toddler would do better. I know this is what she would like, and also what I would like, even if it´s just to dress my desk -sometimes I like to pretend I´m an artist.

Micron pens Van Gogh watercolours –  Canson paper

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