Blogmas Day #3: Guide To Christmas Gift Shopping

gift guide shopping Christmas holidays

I enjoy so many things on Christmas –cold evenings, cosy blankets, hot chocolate- but I think my favourite thing is going gift shopping. Almost ten years ago my sister and I decided to start giving each other presents on Christmas, which fuelled even more my shopaholic soul..

You may not know this, but my birthday is the 25th of December a.k.a Christmas day a.k.a happiest day of the year. Mastering the art of buying the perfect present has not been easy, but a tidy mind actually helps you stay focused on the important things.

  1. Ask everyone to make you a list. My sister and I started to do this, and now everyone in the family does it. Having little list of the things that person wants will make your life much easier and your headaches disappear.
  2. Set a budget. This may seem logic but there has been plenty of time when I just wanted to buy everything. Everything would be easier If I was a lost Kardashian sister with an uncountable fortune, but sadly I´m simply working girl with not a lot of money waste.
  3. Try not to leave everything for the last minute. I usually plan everything ahead, as I know trying to find anything on the days before Christmas will be rather impossible.
  4. Take advantage of Christmas offers. It´s amazing how many discounts shops offer these days. I always try to make the most of them, even if that means I have to buy all of the presents two months before the date lol.
  5. Don´t forget to buy present wrap. I may or may have not forgotten to buy paper wrap for the presents a few years, how embarrassing is that. I suggest you start buying it now, just like I will be doing as soon as I start my present crusade.

We´re all in this together, share on the comments your tips to buy the perfect presents!

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