Blogmas Day #2: Asos Scarfs Wishlist

asos scarfs winter

The cold becomes noticeable in the early hours of the morning, right when your eyes aren´t even open. Getting up in the morning is even harder these days, but let´s pretend is all good cause Christmas is coming, and it´s inevitably the happiest time of the year..

And every year the story repeats. I go through my wardrobe and pick the cosiest scarf I own, trying my hardest to look as cosy as Lenny Kravitz did a year ago –GOALS. Attempting to do my best, I´ve chosen five different designs to wrap around your neck and look fancy as f*ck.

Patchwork ScarfLiliac & Grey Scarf–  Faux Fur Scarf 

Cosy Orange Scarf Chocolate Scarf Pastels Scarf

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