Blogmas Day #1: Winter Garlic Soup

Garlic Soup.jpg

I am a total mess anytime in the kitchen, although sometimes it seems I have everything under control, I´m actually freaking out on the inside – is that salt or sugar? MUM!

Soups are something crucial in my life, kid you not, necessary every winter. Since my sort season in Belfast –where the temperature never raised from 10 ºC, I swear- I got used to eating a warm soups every night. Also, anything involving instant food is a yes from me. This recipe I´m showing you is from my grandma, which was from her grandma’s at the same time, and we can continue like that until unforgettable times.

Winter Garlic Soup Recipe:

3 Garlic cloves – A little bit of paprika –Stale bread – Olive Oil – Pinch of salt

Put the garlic in a mortar add a little bit of salt and squash until everything gets together. Add the paprika and the olive oil. Put aside. Put to boil 750 ml of water, when it´s simmering, add the mix. Let it cook for 30 minutes in low heat.

Meanwhile, break the bread into small chunks and place them into a bowl. When the soup is ready, pour it and let the bread soften. According to my mum, there´s nothing better to heat your body in winter, so there goes that.

Yes for Blogmas. Let´s get this rolling.

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