A Little Update & Blogmas?

autumn leaves tree yeallow green street

My last post was weeks ago so this update was just due to happen. You know it´s been that kind of weeks, when you feel good but also not very motivated, and you want to get your arse moving but your body is in “not gonna happen” mood.. 

My bedroom is still a mess, I have yet to find a desk where I can work and this situation is draining all of my enerygy, seriously. A video from the babe Lindseyrem was an eye opener when I was almost about to give up –low key. The change in my room came with the intention of a new me, a place I could identify with, feel safe. And for now, it barely gives me the chills to go back to it every night. Will continue to update on this.

However this moody behaviour of mine, I´ve managed to put together not one, but 25 posts, might have you guess, I´m doing BLOGMAS. I´m deep into it and *fingers crossed* will meet everyone expectations included mine (I can do this!). I will start posting this Thursday, December 1st and continue until Christmas.

Will you be doing Blogmas?

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