Yves Rocher Anti-Redness Cream Review

skincare yves rocher sensitive skin real techniques

I am terrible at doing my own makeup, I can finally come clean about that. One-shadow-does-it-all is my ultimate look, and blusher and bronzer never seemed easier. Which may be the reason behind me relying more and more on skincare for the past months.. 

Because sometimes you gotta put down the tools, and lock down that Sephora makeup artist we all have inside to just admit, no, I don´t have the makeup skill, and that´s fine. It´s all good given that my skin usually behaves, but hard when it looks like a massive red tomato. Ever walked around with a red face? Everyone thinks you´ve been running a marathon. As if. What helps the most is not to overexpose my skin to drastic change of temperatures -artic temperatures outside, hawai like heat on public transport, i.e.- which is also impossible to flee.

I have given a go to this Yves Rocher Anti Redness cream, and even though this is not a favourite of mine, it´s a start. I bought this one mainly because it has spf 20, and also because I wanted something quick because I ran out of moisturizer. I wasn´t sure what to expect –still not sure what I should expect, do antiredness creams actually work? – but I know what I like about a face cream. This one feels rather tacky, which makes it impossible for me to enjoy the product at all. Besides that, I haven´t noticed a drastic difference on my skin, feels just the same.

I guess I will patiently sit here with a red face, just like I would do. And if you have any recommendations, I will read them happily.


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