Goals, Achievements & Something In Between

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The thick cold air may make things worse, and family days being around the corner comes just in time for that feeling: what the heck have I been doing this year? 

Yes I´ve been abroad, yes I have a job. But is this where I wanted to be? Is this where I want to be now? Chatting with a friend about this mid life crisis, she asked me  a question: how different is your life now from what you imagined it would be? Mind f*cking blown.

My sixteeen year old self had this theory of twenty something Carlota living in London as a grown ass independent woman, with a pretty hectic social life and -read carefully- and even hectier love life -wasn´t I a cutie pie?  The embarrasing moment comes when I tell  you I´m not living in London, I´m not that independent woman and I my love life is a 404 not found error every time. Still, I´m getting there.

Just screw the inmature teenage thoughts based on Sex In The City episodes. Screw the thought of living on your own to prove your success. Meeting your own goals is important, but I prefer not to take it as a failure when something doesn´t come off like I wanted. Im working, and I´m learning. One step at a time.

How different is your life now from what you imagined it would be?

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