Project Use It Up

project use it up glamglow hm the body shop

Last weekend I became prisoner of a #projectuseitup spiral reading thread. Don´t know how I got there, but a few in-depth reading posts  got me like yes, this is what I need..

The motivation to use up all of my skincare, and makeup and probably even tools. And I´m really ashamed of this, because just the same way I always use the same clothes everyday –jeans, knits, dress to kill they say- I am not different when it comes to beauty products. I will credit Cindy and her post on her own #projectuseitup crusade that made me write this today, and actually had me in tears –look at that #panporn.

So admitting my own fault is the way to recovery, and thus I should stop buying anything before I finish what I already own, which is in fact everything, because I honestly have everything I need (I will have this tattooed soon).  Also, let´s just asume this will be a utopia at least until Christmas is over, but the will is there, and the motivation too.  I. Can. Do. This.

Have you tried the #projectuseitup challenge?

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