The Weekender #31: Concerts And Lucky Days


Can I quickly tell you about this week? It´s been kind of great. Since the beginning of the year I had a goal in mind, change jobs and land somewhere I can be in my full potential..

Things don´t go as fast as I´d like but at least they move. Funny how things seem totally different only a few months later, but I´m not complaining. I´m working my arse off just to get to the place I want, and that means starting from the bottom –and hopefully singing now we´re here in a cosy place surrounded by sparkling wine. On Thursday, I had an interesting interview to work as an intern for a little business in the city, and I don´t know if I got the job but the fact that I got the interview is just a step closer to my dream. Also, I can believe how double lucky I am, as I entered a contest to win a ticket for a festival –and won! Girls, this is why I think I have to buy lottery this year. We spend the day out because we just had to, it was raining but who cares, it´s just water.

How was your week?

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