My New Alpe Shoes

shoes alpe new fashion trend

When it comes to shoes, I´m never jaded –I can never settle down for one, not two pairs. Truth said I´m very difficult to be satisfied, you see, I love all of them.  But be it coincidence or just a destiny twist, everything came together as soon as I saw them..

This Alpe shoes baptised as Alexia, are a winter must. 24/7 rain is a constant now that winter mode is not in the mood of giving us a rest, and wellington boots are a thing of the past –never really liked them anyways. The little platform makes them perfect for pouring days, there´s a small chance of soaking up your feet, and it provides a lift for short gals like me. They feel like walking on a good chunk of marshmallows, and I´m settling for them.

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