The Weekender #30: New Coat And Coconut Oil Suggestions

weekender stradivarious coat coconut oil

So this first November week has been nothing like November, the weather has been more Spring  like than ever and the sun has been shinning through the days..

Weather aside, I´ve also celebrated Halloween this year as you may have seen on my insta stories –reasons why you should follow me on insta @carlotarules. I´m not the one to do really fancy (but scary) makeup whatsoever, I think I´m still pretty shy to show myself in a costume that really isn´t you. Also, yesterday I finally got to wear my new Stradivarious coat, it´s so fluffy I want to spend all day on it.

Speaking of coconut oil (again), mine is running out so I´m on the hunt of a new one, organic and potentially not very pricy. Any suggestions are welcome, although I think I will have a look online and see what I find.

What was your week like?

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