What´s In My Bag: Updated

parfois what´s in my bag

I was probably a three old when I first started having a look at people´s bags. I was a cute baby but also a creepy one as you can see. Years later, it´s the same me, a few years older but with the same essence: me loves to take a glance at purses, and bags, and even notebooks..

But hey, always with permission, you know? Otherwise you may become that one friend that pries into everyone and that´s no bueno. Anyways, I know you feel me too, you are probably dying to know what’s in my bag –go take a look, and please don´t die!

2 little planners – A blue pilot – Another blue pen – A little clarins lip perfector – Two lipbalms – A mini Origins hand cream -A Mango card holder – A Bimba & Lola purse (now on sale!) – A few receipts

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