An Yves Rocher Haul

yves rocher makeup brush skincare nails

The other day I read an article relating compulsive shopping with bad days. And I was like yeah, that´s so me! But I like to shop, and I don´t always need to love a good excuse for it. Besides, there’s no better excuse than leaving a bad day, right?

Hence I went to Yves Rocher and stuff happened (they also had this amazing discount so how could I not to). To be honest with you, that day wasn´t even a bad day, but let´s pretend so. I picked up their Sensitive Vegetal Anti Redness cream, I needed one and also had SPF 20 –always a winner. Also, I felt like I needed a new powder brush, it was time to let go of my old one. The wooden sticks were just in the right place when I was paying and somehow they ended up in my basket..

Have you tried any Yves Rocher products?

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