A Day In The Life

breakfast notebook pen micron cereal

I wished this post would be fancy, full of interesting things such as business meetings and after-work dinners. Considering I´ve spent most of this month in the office, I shouldn´t be quite distress about the day you´re about to see. A little bit of work, a little bit of blogging, and my favourite thing: a little bit of wine.. 

8:30. Wake up. Eat cereal.

9:00. Do blog stuff,  try to jot everything down on my journal.

laptop notebook desk work cactus

12:30. Run errands in the city. This particular day I had a Marketing course to attend (always learning, ha!)

metro tube bilbao work

15:00. Eat lunch, quick!

lunch bilbao

15:30. Now yes, head to the office.

afterwork drinks

20:00. Time to leave the office and have some fun. And wine.

What are your days like?


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