PaulaBlogs || Through my phone #2: October

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If I had to describe October in one word, that would definitely be feelings. It’s been like that one song  you love to pieces but everytime it comes on you have to think twice whether to listen to it or not-because it reminds you of a place, a someone, your bad life choices. Cheesiness aside, this is what I have been up to this month..

I went to a really beautiful city called Vitoria to visit some friends, and I had such a great time- most of it eating, but who could resist something that looks so good? Apart from that, I’ve been out and about doing countless of job interviews-gotta catch ’em all right, right?!- hopping on every free workshop I came across and trying to start my french journey again-who would have thought that joining a french course would be so difficult?

October gave me feelings but also chilly air, shoter days, and that christmas feeling longing all year round.

November please be good!

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