A Few Autumn Favourites

Autumn favourites.jpg

The world marks the start of Autumn in September, most likely when tree leaves start to turn yellow and summer breeze spins into a rather cold in your face air. To me, however, fall season began the day I wore socks to sleep because my feet were freezing..

Now, wearing socks in bed is not my favourite thing to do –not to speak about the immediate drop of sassiness levels- but the new glitter trend just made me do it. I blame Primark for these sparkly feet warmers, that don´t show very well in the photo but I swear they are real. I´m all about cosy knits on winter, but sometimes I also want to set free my inner summer babe and show some skin (never mind stepping out of the club shivering at 3am). I am really feeling this 90´s throw back –even thinking of getting a velvet chocker- and this H&M shirt met my expectations allowing my boobs to look real good. The Stradivarious belt has been really helpful too lately, who knows why all of my clothes fit a bit loose and need some grip to keep everything in place. Of course, I couldn´t forget about my new Parfois bag.

No pumpkin lattes for me to mark the beginning of the new season, I think I´ll leave that cliché for insta itgirls..

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