My Mom´s Skincare Routine

skincare routine

My mom, my biggest fan. Ever since I started blogging, she has been a loyal supporter, always there. In all of the almost 400 posts –phew, that wasn´t easy to say- she has never done anything but praise my work. It was only about time to give her some space in Carlotarules..

“I´m a bit lazy when it comes to skincare, but I always stick to it. My skin is rather sensitive, I usually have dry patches and redness when I´m feeling more nervous, so I don´t tend to change on my products a lot. For cleansing I use whatever I have around, sometimes is just a splash of water and other times I like to use a cleansing milk –I find this is the most gentle on my skin. After, I follow by a serum, I love this one from Esteé Lauder. I would use this a lot back in the day, but then started trying other things. Big fail, I finally gave up to it again months ago. However, I was given this Clinique Custom Repair serum and I´m giving it a go as well. On my eyes, again Clinique. I don´t know what it is about that brand but it works like a miracle to me. Their all about the eyes eye cream is fab, very hydrating. To finish things up, my current moisturizer is the Vichy Smoothing and Illuminating cream. When nothing of the above works to wake up my complexion, I use the Sesderma C-Vit revitalizing mask for immediate glowing skin.”

-as told to me during her pamper rotuine.


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