NYX Plum: My Go To Red Lip

makeup nyx sephora lips

You know by now that I was not the for red lips, but I guess people change and before you realize, you are leaving your red lipstick print on the glass of wine you are having –preferably sparkling please..

But let´s leave my wine preferences aside (note to self: write a post about favourite wines) and talk about the good things, like pasta, bread and of course, red lips. My face is usually pale –the kind of pale that make people ask if I´m feeling good- and a bit of colour on my mouth is always a good choice to bring me alive again. The NYX lip liner in Plum does that, makes me look like a person without much work every time. The colour is amazing and I´m just going to quickly say this, it could potentially be a Christmas must –just saying. Besides, I believe I have found my way on red lips, using a liner definitely makes it easier for people like me a.k.a with no patience to perfectly apply makeup which comes of in me having lipstick on my teeth –sexy.

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