Avène Cleanance Mask For Sensitive Skin

avene cleanance mask scrub sensitive oily skin

I know –another mask. But there´s not such thing such as too many masks when you are a beauty obsessed living earthling like moi..

No I am not an Avéne ambassador (yes I would love to sign up for that *blinks eye vigorously*) but I just love this brand –just like everything from the French pharmacy. Addressing I don´t usually have many spots (I think my fairy god mother blessed me with clear skin, albeit I sometimes get those madafuckers that only appear to ruin your life) I like to use the Avène Cleanance Mask to unclog my pores and let my skin breathe. I like that is a light and gentle mask-scrub hybrid that feels cooling on the skin although a bit itchy –this is just the mask working.

Hope you noticed my shameless attempt of introducing a few French words on the text just to make it sound more French-y, if that´s even possible. I suspect it has something to do with my recent urge to speak, write, read and even breathe in that mellow language. Pardonnemoi.

Have you tried Avène skincare?

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