Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Treatment Review

redken extreme antisnap treatment damaged hair

I used to have almost ground touching hair when I was a kid, my mum would rarely tell me I needed a cut (she loved brushing my hair at nights). A few awful haircuts –you know, the ones where the coiffeur takes more creative licenses than permitted and gives you a pixie cut for no reason-  were enough to make me take care of my own locks..

I´ve been growing my hair for almost six months now, and keeping my routine very simple: wash, deep condition, brush, air dry. Because us, low maintenance girls don´t need anything else. Yes my hair can be always frizzy, and for sure I´ll be taming the mane in a messy braid whenever possible –this is us. Of course, I thought my hair was looking rather good until one of my friends told me my hair looked really good, not like the other days. I felt a jab in my heart, but deep down he was right: my hair was looking particularly healthy that day.

Flashback to my latest hair routine made it clear, it had to be the Redken Extreme Anti Snap treatment I had been using for the past weeks. A treatment supposed to be used on damaged, dry, break prone hair, increasing shine by gently smoothing the cuticle. I apply this on towel dried hair focusing on my ends. I find it leaves my hair sleek and shinny, although sometimes a little bit dry (I usually apply a hair mask before the treatment).

Also this thing is so big, I will have hair protection for months –if not years. Just thinking I´m ready for everyone to compliment me on my hair, I´m listening everyone..

Have you tried the Redken Extreme range?

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