The Parfois Silver Cross Bag

Parfois silver cross bag

There was a time I used to love big bags, the bigger the better. Uni days were rebellion days, bye backpacks hello actually fits-it-all bags (probably bought with my weekly pay check from teaching English..)

I was just a cool girl wannabe, proud of my big sack that made a case for dislocated shoulders and hurting backs. But, it seems, uprising against the back packs was just a way to assert the end of High School and therefore the start of a new era –isn´t it weird, though, that now backpacks are trendy again? I´ll get to that point some day.

I first spotted the Parfois silver bag on my sister´s shoulder, and immediately loved it (maybe because she was wearing it and I was jealous –maybe). So I could blame her for this purchase, which has now replaced any other bag around and is the only one hanging out with me. Great size, fits everything –will hopefully post a what´s in my bag soon- and looks cute.

It´s not strange that Mary Poppin´s bag was my favourite thing as a child, but it was only a movie, and that´s the best part of the appeal: there´s no way you can fit so many things in an actual bag without some magic.

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