Empties #3

2016-09-28 11.03.40 1.jpg

There´s a special place where all used up products go, it´s called an empties post. A little corner on the net, a nook for the lost, that albeit have reached the honour of being featured with a special mention..

My favourite shower gel for the past few months has finally called it quits, leaving me alone in the not-too-far freezy mornings. The Rituals Of Sakura foam smells fresh and clean, and stays with you through the day –on the good and the bad. The Ducray sunscreen has been a must this summer, but I must admit I was already ready to let it go. I posted a little review on this a few months ago, but long story short, it hasn´t been a favourite of mine. *A special mention goes to @Paulablogs, for this ridiculously perfect drawing that sums up my feeling of letting things go .

What have you been using up?



2 thoughts on “Empties #3

  1. coffeeandcoats says:

    Im always using up my moisturiser!! and my concealer goes far to quickly for my liking!!

    Would love it if you could check out my blog!! x

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