My DIY Business Cards

2016-09-23 10.50.08 1.jpg

It´s safe to say my Photoshop skills are pretty limited. It´s just one of those tools that are made to make you angry –if you are a graphic designer reading this you´ll understand. Supposedly, I was meant to learn how to use it in uni, but you know, why make the most of my classes when I can argue with my friends which member of One Direction is the hottest (hey, Zayn)..


Last week a working fellow asked me if I could help him print some business cards as he wanted to make them at home. I politely said yes –still hadn´t figured it out how, but he´s kind of my boss so it was my time to shine. After a bit of a try and error, I thought of opening a word document and select the mail option, I was on the right path. It didn´t take me a long time, so I decided to try with my own business cards, same trick.

The only thing I did was design my own, very minimal and simple. After, I opened a new word document and did the same: go to mailing tab, click on labels and chose the size. Now you have so many options, so I suggest you search in google which one suits your design (I went for Apli 1278 to have enough white space). I used a watercolour Canson paper (370 g/m2) to print mine both sides I suggest you first try on draft paper before the real print- and voilá.

As a matter of fact, someone thinking of me as “she must know” left me astonished, but feeling rather cocky. Perhaps I need another degree, I swear I´ll make it work this time..

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