The Weekender #27: Art Musueums And A Rain Break

Weekender 27.jpg

Ever since my sister and I saw a little piece in the newspaper about the Hyperrealist Sculpture exhibitions we knew we wanted to go. Fitting this little escape wasn´t easy, our schedules are so different we don´t even see each other until the evening..

I was hoping a little bit more than what we saw, that little something that´d make me say “wow”. The exhibition was fine, but the room was incredibly crowded and we couldn´t really enjoy it as much as we wanted to. Albeit this little letdown, it was a different way to spend a weekday, it´s always good to have fun of the daily routine. Speaking of, days at the office are still calm, I´m only shaking at the thought of things coming back to normal and endless hours running up and down the stairs. Also, check out my instagram (@carlotarules) to have a little glance at my daily life –lots of food included.

How was your week?

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