The Autumn Mani Edit

2016-09-19 10.42.55 1.jpg

Raise your hand if you were a six year old kid obsessed with your granma painting your nails every time you had a chance. That´s right, Sunday meals at my grandparent´s house was only a nice excuse for my granny to make magic to my nails..

Should I just mention, though, when I was a little girl I would bite my nails so bad, so it was a struggle to paint my nails –but grandma always tried her best. I didn´t have a lot of colours to chose from, she merely had those lacquers  I like to call “granny colours”, you know, those dusty pinks only made for them (please comment below if this was just my grandma or it´s a general grandma thing). I then stopped biting my nails (yas) and reds became my favourite colours.

Today, just for the sake of the post, I decided to try something a bit different and go for a deep pink nail polish I found on my local drugstore (looks red on the pic, trust me it´s not) using the same base as always and just trying this new essence glossy top coat. As you can see, I´m not even able to tidily paint my nails without painting my whole hand, can someone be a real beauty blogger if she can´t paint her own nails? Let me know your thoughts on this, and also if you have some kind of obsession with red laquers as it seems is the only colour my nails accept.

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