What I´ve Read This Summer

2016-08-10 10.16.50 1.jpg

I had it all figured out, this summer I would be spending the days under the sun, diving into clear blue water and napping under palm trees, the sea breeze rocking me to sleep..

Then reality stepped in, the beach turned into the office and the sea breeze was only a gust of wind here and there from the aircon –sad. It wasn´t that bad though, as it was only about time that I realized there was a way of flying away without check in and airport controls.

The Virgin Suicides and Jane Eyre were my summer reads, and  couldn´t have been more different. The first one tells the story of the suicide of five teenage girls, while the second one is just a beautifully written love story. Both of them different, my favourite one was Jane Eyre, it was quick to read –this is just a simplified copy- whilst it kept me hooked through all pages. The Virgin Suicides, however, was a bit dense to me, I had seen the movie years before and wanted to find something more on the book about the story. To my surprise, the book didn´t tell me anything new, which was frustrating as I wanted to know more about the girls and their reasons to do what they did.

The endless raining from the past days of course wouldn´t agree on this, but it would be rude to dismiss summer due to a little bit of rain (lies, the other day I nearly went to work on a canoe, that´s how much it was pouring). I will hold on until next week to welcome Autumn..

What have you read this summer?

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