Finding The Perfect Mascara

2016-09-11 12.42.18 1.jpg

The two things you will learn from living in the north are: 1) You will probably never see the sun again for ten months, and 2) For the days that the sun actually decides to show itself in all its shinning glory, you will fear human bodies can in fact melt if they go through really high temperatures..

You know I have been working almost all summer long, and I must admit doing my make up these days has been a challenge –won´t even talk about making it stay in place, no. Wake up in the morning (already sweaty from the night), take a shower and try to do anything on your face with 29º degrees at 8 o´clock in the morning. My biggest concern: creasing mascara, ruining my face for the rest of the day. I love panda eyes, but for sure I don´t look  nearly as cute as they do.

That´s why I´m here, to ask YOU. What´s your favourite mascara, that doesn´t crease and it´s sensitive eye friendly? Asking for a friend..

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