The Weekender #25: Out And About The City

Weekender 25.jpg

After a month of back and forth with the blog, inconsistent posting included, I´m finally back again fully charged and committed to a normal scheduling..

Going deep into September has been rather easy, my holidays finished in August anyways, so it wasn´t that much of a shock to come back to real life again. What I´ve been hating though, is people coming back to the office –I was perfectly happy with an empty workspace, being there by my own. As always during these days, there are a lot of festivities around my city, and yesterday my friends and I decided to go to an outdoor photo exhibition (GetxoPhoto) with the theme “time”. This gave me so much envy, and now I want to try and recreate every single photo I have. Also, there was a lovely artisanal market during the week, and you know how much I love markets.

How was your first week of September?

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