The Ren Jojoba Exfoliator I Forgot About

2016-09-04 02.22.39 1.jpg

Am I using this post as a vile excuse to socially introduce you to my new love a.k.a a cactus? YES. But I just had to, as a proud momma, present you the apple of my eye while I gracefully introduce you the one exfoliator I found on my stash..

Because that´s what beauty blogger do, keep all of the products just in case. I bought this Ren Jojoba Microbead Purifying Facial Polish a few years ago and was probably one of the first high end skincare products I had. Hands down I haven´t used this again –my skincare routine is something not to be messes with, pls don´t use expired products on your face– but I remember I was a bit disappointed.

I loved the pump, easy to use, but I hated not being able to see when I was about to run out of it. The product itself, a light grainy white cream to be used as a usual exfoliator (damped face and massage in circular motion).  It contains peppermint, which irritated my eyes quite a bit and didn´t like the scent at all. Summing up: it makes the job but nothing more -I actually prefer your usual homemade honey sugar scrub.

Next on my to do list: look for a new exfoliator, continue worshipping this little cactus of mine..


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