Nars Laguna And Orgasm Duo

2016-08-22 07.13.57 1.jpg

Say, three favourite words. Think fast and let that mind loose. Pizza, pasta, bread come to my mind like suddenly there´s nothing else in the world –that´s how little it takes to make me happy for at least fifteen minutes of real pleasure..

But there´s more to the world than stuffing your face on carbohydrates, like three other words that can make my knees weak: Nars. Laguna. Orgasm. Because something that gives you the exact after beach glow must be something good. Sex in the beach without the actual sex in the beach –I´m talking about the alcoholic cocktail, right? A little bit of Laguna bronzer to warm up the face, a little bit of Orgasm blusher for the pinky cheeks. A sizzling face that will scream I came, I saw and I conquer –the pizza, of course.

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