The Weekender #24: More Birthday Celebrations & Insta Stories

Weekender 24.jpg

So on to the third week of August already, my depression levels are high. I´m really feeling summer this year despite being a proud winter child, please don´t talk to me if you are excited for fall yet..

Last week there even more birthday celebrations –I feel like I´ve done nothing more than celebrate birthdays lately- and it was so much fun. We went to the country side and organized a little picnic were even the trees participated (see how beautifully they wear the balloons).

The big news of the week however has been Instagram Stories, which I honestly found incredibly interesting as I don´t have a Snapchat account (should I, though?). I´ve been using it quite a lot these past days so if you ever want to know what I am up to, head over to my insta @carlotarules –spoiler: you´ll probably find me playing with puppies and eating ice creams.

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