New In: Primark Contour Brush

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The many drawings hanging on my parents bedroom –and other few spread through the house- could fool you into one thing, I actually have a clue when it comes to drawing..

But the thing is those paintings were painted when I was a young artist promise, I was full of life and my imagination levels travelled further than simply drafting a poor flower (most likely to always be a daisy). To be fair, my mother was the one fuelling any should I really become an artist dream, the queen of boho clothes and messy do´s that never really happened. If you too were a rising artist fallen on hard times, I feel you, and I´m with you.

Make up hasn´t been an easy task then, albeit there´s nothing a few YouTube tutorials can´t fix. Make your face a white canvas and start with a few strokes here and there. I don´t usually contour (I´m more of a bronze girl myself) but if I did I´d use the Primark Contour brush –which I actually use to bronze, what do you know. Synthetic but soft bristles is all you need. If you are really feeling it, you could even ditch the “draw a three that rises on your temples and goes down your neck” advice and go-for-it. Bake. Contour. Highlight. Let that artsy beast be free.


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